If you think you're being screwed by software companies now, just wait until UCITA is passed in your state.





UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act)is an update to the Uniform Commercial Code adopted by all states as a guide to contract law and business practices. UCITA is intended to update the UCC to make it more applicable to the software industry, or, more accurately, realize the wet dreams of big software publishers.

UCITA essentially removes all rights a software purchaser may have (or imagine s/he has). All rights are given to the software company, including the right to invade your computer systems remotely and remove, modify or disable software you are running for any reason they may have or imagine they have. You have no legal right to protest or appeal these actions.

UCITA makes the "shrinkwrap license" that comes with software legally binding even if you are not allowed to read the license until after it is in force. It specifically exempts the software vendor from any need to reveal the terms of license to you until after you have accepted the license.

UCITA makes it illegal for you to reveal any details of a software license to any other person or business. In other words, if they screwed you, you are not allowed to warn others.

UCITA makes it illegal to say anything negative about a software product. In other words, if you tell another person you had problems with company B's software, you can be successfully sued by company B even if you can prove that the software does not work at all.

If you sell your computer, you are forbidden by law to sell or include any software with it (If you sell a Windows computer, you must remove Windows from it before the sale).

UCITA has already become law in Virginia, and is almost certain to be passed in most other states. Even if it doesn't pass in your state, you will find the phrase "This license is governed by the laws of the state of Virginia" in the terms you were not allowed to read before paying for the product.

To get your blood really boiling over UCITA, go to InfoWorld, find the search box in the right hand column of the page, enter UCITA and hit Enter. You will find more than you ever wanted to know about how your legislators are selling all your rights to the software industry. You will also find information on fighting acceptance of UCITA in your state.

UCITA isn't even supported by many smaller software companies because it screws them too. UCITA is designed to give all rights to big software companies and take them away from everyone else. UCITA has enjoyed "substantial" financial and lobbying support from a certain very large, very wealthy software company in the Pacific Northwest.

What if UCITA passes?

Get ready to "Bend Over for Bill", or else transition your business to Linux and other Open Source software products. UCITA does not apply to Open Source products.

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