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For many enjoying non-Microsoft computing environments, StarOffice is an important application. Not only does it provide a complete office productivity suite for Linux, OS/2, and Unix, it is also able to open and save Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets. For Windows users, it is a low cost alternative to Microsoft Office with many advantages.

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StarOffice Features

A lot more information is available at Sun Microsystem's StarOffice Web Site, but here is a list of the major modules:
  • StarOffice Writer: Word Processing. Similar in use and capability to Microsoft Word, but without the animated paper (this "feature" will never be added). Can import and export Word documents.
  • StarOffice Calc: Spreadsheet. Similar to Microsoft Excel. Can import and export Excel spreadsheets.
  • StarOffice Impress: Slide show production. Similar in capability to Microsoft PowerPoint. Can import many PowerPoint slide shows - some editing may be required.
  • StarOffice Draw: A drawing program for creating illustrations. Similar in use and capability to Microsoft Paint.
  • StarOffice Base: AdabasD database, a program of similar scale to Microsoft Access. Front end to access Oracle, Informix, Sybase and others.
  • StarOffice Schedule: A network calendar and scheduling program.
  • StarOffice Mail: An e-mail client program, similar in capability to Eudora or Outlook Express (except for the virus propagation part). Front end for access to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.
  • StarOffice Discussion: A newsgroup client for use with Internet newsgroups.

StarOffice has a number of distinct advantages over MS Office that make it attractive to Windows users as well.

Disadvantages of StarOffice vs Microsoft Office

  • Import/Export can never be 100% perfect for all the more complex and obscure features of Microsoft Office. Microsoft constantly changes them to prevent compatibility and to force upgrades. StarOffice is generally more compatible with Microsoft Office than Microsoft Office is among its different versions. Note: StarOffice's ability to import of Microsoft PowerPoint slide shows is weak compared to it's ability to import Word and Excel documents.

  • Macros and Windows automation features do not work automatically (and some don't work at all). If they did, StarOffice would be as virus prone as Microsoft Office.

  • "Well, it just isn't from Microsoft."

How to get StarOffice

  • Our clients can get StarOffice from Automation Access simply by asking for it.
  • To download from Sun Microsystems (about 68-Meg) just click on the "Get it Free" logo at the top left of this page, or, click right here.
  • You can also purchase a package including the StarOffice CD and printed documentation ($39.95 plus shipping) from Sun Microsystems or Micro Warehouse or From Sun you can also get just the CD and install sheet ($9.95 plus shipping).
  • For StarOffice in languages other than English, buy or download directly from Sun Microsystems

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